PESACH 2024: April 22nd - 30th

For more information about any of the following, watch this space in March and April 2024!

Sell Your Chametz:

On the holiday of Passover, we are commanded not to have any Passover is forbidden, even after Passover ends. This applies even if the chametz is locked up and out of sight. Watch this space for more information.

Seder Shemurah Matzah:

We will once again be distributing Hand Made Shemurah Matzah for your Seder. If you have not yet received yours or there is someone you know that would like to receive this special Matzah please email [email protected]. Additional Shmurah Matzah for the rest of the holiday can be purchased by emailing [email protected].

Join a Seder:  

Chabad will be hosting traditional Passover seders on the evenings of April 22 and April 23, 2024. 


Ma'ot Chitim - Passover Gifts to the Poor

Before Passover it is customary to assist the needy and enabling them celebrate Passover with all the holiday staples.
We will be distributing funds to those in need and can act as an agent for your charity. 

Important Times

Monday, April 22nd: Candle Lighting: 7:42 PM
Tuesday, April 23rd: Candle Lighting: after 8:47 PM from a pre-existing flame