Goal: $54,000 $61,200
$63,230 Total Raised
117% Complete

THANK YOU! WE DID IT! We raised $63,230 for Chabad of Kingston - Rohr Chabad House! Thank you to our generous matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.

Parents & Grandparents 2018*

Springer Family, David Shanas, Larry Kaye, Dr. Samuel S. Robinson Foundation


This campaign is over.
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We're blown away... thanks to the amazing generosity of 162 donors, we reached our goal with 6 hours to go! We have so many people to thank and we will get to that! We feel the love and care and so appreciate it! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We love you and so appreciate you all!

Right now, we have another group of Alumni matchers that challenged us that if we complete the goal, they'll match a bonus round! Every dollar is now 2X!!


Because of your friendship and support, we’ve been able to reach new heights creating a space of warmth, connection, exciting social events and learning opportunities for hundreds of students this past year alone.  

Together, we can grow even STRONGER.

Thanks to some incredible sponsors, every dollar we raise will be tripled!!!!

YOU can make this happen!

What is Chabad of Kingston?

Chicken soup on Friday night. A helping hand in times of need. Chabad is a home away from home for every Jew at Queen's University. We are dedicated to serving our community - and now we’re asking for your support to help us build a bright Jewish future, together.

How does a Match Campaign work?

Running an operation like Chabad of Kingston’s requires a major investment of time, energy, and capital. While the Rabbi and Rebbetzin work tirelessly to ensure that no Jew is left behind, the day-to-day expenses of operating a Chabad centre can be daunting. Rather than charging membership fees or exorbitant event prices, which could alienate some people, we rely on the generosity of the community that we serve. To that end, two sets of generous donors have come forward with a proposal to help Chabad thrive this year. They will together donate $18,000 to our centre, provided that it is matched by an equal donation from you, our community. For these 36 hours only, your dollar will have 3 times the impact!

How can I help?

You can be a partner in everything we do to benefit the students of Kingston by contributing to our campaign this Wednesday, and by spreading the word. Maimonides says that every good deed, no matter how small, tips the scale of humanity toward goodness. Today you have the opportunity to see the impact of that deed multiplied many times over. Join us by making a donation today!

Matcher Group #1 - Parents & Grandparents

  • Sanders Family
  • Mann Family
  • Samuel Dahan
  • Goldberg Family
  • Toby Family
  • Pellow Family
  • Grossman Family
  • Lipsitz Family
  • Sachs Family
  • Shields Family
  • Anonymous

Matcher Group #2 - Kingston Community

  • Springer Group
  • Larry Kaye
  • David Shanas
  • Dr. Samuel S. Robinson Foundation

All donations will be issued a Canadian charitable receipt.


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