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Last day to order is Wednesday, March 23rd

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Contact us for more information about Chabad's Passover meal plan.

Meals will be available for every day of chol hamoed.

Passover FAQs
Q: What is the earliest time to start the Seder (specifically, lighting Yom Tov candles, reciting Kiddush and eating Shmurah Matza) on Saturday night March 27 & Sunday night March 28? 
A: Seders must begin after nightfall. In Kingston after 7:45pm.  Click here to find the exact time based on your precise location 
Q: How do I sell my Chametz this year since Passover begins Saturday night? 
A: On or before Thursday March 25th, click below.
We are arranging the selling of our Chametz through Rabbi Kaplan from Thornhill, ON.
Q: When is the latest time that I can eat Chametz (ie. bread products/leaven) this year?
A: This year the absolute deadline for eating chametz is Shabbat morning, Saturday, March 27th, before 10:52am in Kingston. Past this time, it is forbidden to eat chametz until the close of the festival on Sunday, April 4th after nightfall.